Major lease at Uppsala Business Park


Klövern has entered into a lease agreement with Kemwell for the lease of 9,000 sq.m. at Klövern’s property in Uppsala Business Park. The lease will run for 16 ½ years at an annual rent of SEK 14 million.

Occupation of what is currently a vacant building at the Fyrislund 6:6 property in Uppsala will take place in stages, as from 1 July 2010. The company will be using 9,000 sq. m. The rent will gradually increase, to be payable in its entirety from 2022 onwards. All operating costs and investments will be paid for by the tenant from day one.

“This agreement with Kemwell is a great step forward for Klövern in Uppsala”, says Klövern’s CEO, Gustaf Hermelin. “We have succeeded in renting out Pfizer’s fully-modern former production facility in its existing, fantastic condition, and to the right tenant.”


Kemwell’s move to the Uppsala Business Park involves opening its second production facility for contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in Uppsala. The new premises will be used for the production of pharmaceutical tablets, suppositories and capsules. In addition, Kemwell will be leasing 500 sq.m. of office in an adjacent building. Kemwell is already conducting laboratory operations in Klövern’s property in Uppsala Business Park.


Kemwell is a leading contract manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, with development operations at a global level. Kemwell has approximately 1,000 employees and will have seven production plants by 2011, of which five in India and two in Sweden.


“Our new pharmaceutical plant will be characterised by a high degree of automation and flexibility to meet the high standards for pharmaceutical production required by existing and new customers”, says Agneta Bergvall, Kemwell’s CEO. “The new pharmaceutical plant in Uppsala offers us unique opportunities, and we are extremely pleased that our owners have decided to expand in Sweden. Our personnel have many years of experience and a high level of expertise in full-scale production. Kemwell is currently one of India’s largest contract manufacturers and this expansion will enable us to take market shares in the European market, for example,”

Gunnar Hedberg, the Chairman of the Uppsala Municipal Executive Committee, says that “The Uppsala Municipality has been following Klövern’s and Kemwell’s operations in Uppsala with considerable interest, and we are happy to welcome this development, which will enable Kemwell to expand in modern and appropriate premises. This also confirms that Uppsala fully complies with the demands for expertise and supportive structures made by an international pharmaceutical company.”


Nyköping, 18 May 2010


Klövern AB (publ)


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