Corem Property Group AB (publ) (”Corem”) has announced a public offer to the shareholders in Klövern AB (publ)  (“Klövern”) with the intent to merge the companies. The acceptance period ended August 18, 2021 and has not been prolonged. Corem has applied for a compulsory acquisition proceeding under the Swedish Companies Act to acquire all remaining shares in Klövern. Klövern´s shares have been delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has appointed attorney Magnus Ramberg as a trustee to protect the rights of absent shareholders in the process. As a minority shareholder in Klövern you will be represented by the trustee and do not have to act yourself in order to receive the purchase price for your shares.

Three arbitrators have been appointed, i.e. attorney Sverker Bonde, appointed by Corem, attorney Magnus Nedström, appointed by the trustee and Ann-Christine Lindeblad, jointly appointed as chairman by Bonde and Nedström.

If you have any questions relating to the compulsory acquisition process, please contact Corem´s attorney Madeleine Sifvert, Requests for documents or information should be made to the trustee Magnus Ramberg or Viktor Wihlstrand, Advokatfirman Lindahl KB, Box 1214, 251 12 Helsingborg, +46 42 17 53 00, or

For other questions, please contact Malin Löveborg, General Counsel,

Offer from Corem