Klövern is concentrating its portfolio of properties


During September, eleven properties in central and northern Sweden will be divested to Diös Fastigheter. The sales in unprioritised and acquisitions in prioritised markets mean that 91 per cent of Klövern’s rental revenues derive from the markets that Klövern is focusing on. In 2002, Klövern had achieved the strategic goal, of having at least 100,000 sq.m. or SEK 50 million in rental revenues in each market, only in Nyköping. Today, this goal has been achieved in six of nine markets: Karlstad, Linköping, Norrköping, Nyköping, Västerås and Örebro.
“The work of concentration in recent years will continue in parallel with Klövern’s expansion. We want to grow in our prioritised markets”, says Klövern’s CEO Gustaf Hermelin. “In every market, it is Klövern’s own staff who guarantee good work with our customers.”
The rate of expansion was high in the first half of 2005. In all, 36 properties were acquired for SEK 1.4 billion.
Nyköping, 17 August 2005
Klövern AB (publ)
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