Klövern: Interim report January- March 2005


  • Rental revenues amounted to SEK 139 million (105)
  • Net profit for the period increased to SEK 42 million (29)
  • Earnings per share amounted to SEK 0.39 (0.37)
  • Klövern’s expansion is continuing – 19 properties were acquired during the quarter for SEK 801 million
    Net profit for the period amounted to SEK 42 million (29). The result includes realised changes in the value from property sales of SEK 4 million (2) and unrealised changes in the value of properties of SEK 0 million (4). Net financial items amounted to SEK -35 million (-31).
    Cash flow and financial position
    The cash flow amounted to SEK 99 million (19). The equity ratio at the end of the quarter was 34.0 per cent, in comparison with 36.9 at the beginning of the year. Shareholders’ equity was SEK 1,864 million in comparison with SEK 1,701 million at the beginning of the year. Liquid funds were SEK 209 million (154) and interest-bearing liabilities were SEK 3,353 million (2,703).
    Rental revenue and property costs
    Rental revenues amounted to SEK 139 million (105) for the period, property costs was SEK 58 million (44) and operating surplus amounted to SEK 81 million (61).
    Klövern is a real estate company that acquires, developes and sells high-yielding properties in large and medium-sized towns outside major city regions.
    Market and property holdings
    Klövern notes a continued weak positive trend in the number of rental inquiries, mainly from companies within the education and service sector. A clearer positive development can be seen in the market segments of Norrköping, Nyköping and especially in Linköping. Moving in, net, during the period amounts to SEK 2 million. Major tenants, who have moved in during the quarter, are for example DFDS, head office for the Expert Group, Schneider and VLT AB.
    Calendar 2005
    Interim report January – June 2005            Wednesday August 17
    Interim report January – September 2005   Wednesday November 2
    Reports are available at Klövern’s website, kelly.corem.se, where visitors may also subscribe to annual reports, interim reports and press releases.
    Nyköping, May 3, 2005
    Klövern AB (publ)
    Gustaf Hermelin, President and CEO
    This interim report has not been subject to examination by the Company’s auditors.
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