Klövern hedges interest on the debt portfolio


The interest swaps mean that variable loans with the corresponding volume will be reported as interest fixed. With the new agreements, Klövern’s total holding of fixed loans amounts to SEK 4 billion, of which SEK 200 million mature in 2009, SEK 1.4bn in 2015, SEK 1.4bn in 2016 and SEK 1bn in 2017. Besides interest swaps, Klövern has derivatives in the form of interest caps corresponding to a volume of SEK 3,829 million. The debt portfolio totalled SEK 7,645 million on 31 December 2008.
“The new swap agreements reduce the interest risk in the debt portfolio by fixing base interests at a historically low interest level. It is worth giving up some of the profit today to ensure benefits tomorrow”, says Gustaf Hermelin.
In the current situation, these agreements lead to an increase in Klövern’s interest expense of around SEK 50 million to around SEK 270 million on an annual basis. When the economy starts to pick up again, it is likely that short market rates will rise and the swaps can give a positive effect on income. During 2008, interest expense totalled approximately SEK 350 million.
Nyköping 18 February 2009
Klövern AB (publ)
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