Klövern has received 99.8 percent of the shares in Dagon and extends the offer a final time


After extension of Klövern’s public offer for all shares in Dagon Klövern has received a total of 99.8 per cent of all shares. The offer is extended one last time.

On 6 December 2011, Klövern announced an offer to the shareholders in Dagon to acquire all outstanding shares in Dagon. On 5 March 2012, Klövern announced that all completion conditions for the offer had been fulfilled and that Klövern decided to declare the offer wholly unconditional and complete the offer. At that point of time, the offer had been accepted by shareholders representing 98.9 percent of the votes and capital in Dagon. The offer was extended until and including 2 April 2012.

The offer has so far been accepted by shareholders representing 23,546,435 shares, corresponding to 99.8 percent of the votes and capital in Dagon. Klövern has completed the offer regarding these shares. Klövern has not acquired any shares in Dagon outside the offer and does therefore not hold any shares in Dagon except those submitted through the offer.

In order to enable participation in the offer for those shareholders who have not yet accepted the acceptance period is extended, one final time, until and including 16 April 2012.

For those shareholders who choose not to accept the offer it should be noted that the liquidity of Dagon’s share will be highly limited going forward. As Klövern holds over 90 percent of the shares in Dagon, Klövern shortly intends to call for a compulsory acquisition of remaining shares in Dagon and to promote a de-listing of Dagon shares from NASDAQ OMX.

For shareholders who during the extended acceptance period accept the offer, payment of the consideration will be made around 25 April 2012.

For more information, refer to the prospectus published on 13 January 2012 and the supplement published on 24 February 2012, which are made available in digital format at www.fi.se, kelly.corem.se and www.swedbank.se/prospectus.

Nyköping, 5 April 2012

Klövern AB (publ)

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Klövern is a real estate company committed to working closely with customers to meet their needs of premises and services in Swedish growth regions. Klövern has business units in ten cities: Borås, Karlstad, Kista, Linköping, Norrköping, Nyköping, Täby, Uppsala, Västerås and Örebro. As at 31 December 2011 the value of the properties totalled approximately SEK 14.9 billion and the rental income on an annual basis was around SEK 1.6 billion. The Klövern share is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm Mid Cap.

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This information is such that Klövern AB (publ) is obliged to disclose under the Securities Market Act and/or the Financial Instruments Trading Act. The information was made available for publication on 5 April 2012.

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