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Mideye is offering a service enabling the secure identification of Internet users via mobile phone. Mideye targets its offerings at services providers (corporations, authorities and other organisations) that want to offer specialised www-based services that need high security, which might relate to telecommuting, access to confidential government information, business-to-business transactions or banking services.

The collaboration comprises Adcore’s growing team of security consultants being trained on Mideye’s software:

Åke Timmerman of Adcore Sweden, reports: “IT security is a strategic activity for Adcore, where we are witnessing the steady accentuation of market demand. Secure identification forms the foundation of all IT security; corporations are now seeing the possibilities of being able to offer authorised access to information, while also maintaining security. Many Internet-based services, in public and extranet environments, need a reasonable level of security, analogous to the security necessary when making a cash-point withdrawal. This is the kind of security Mideye offers, making services providers’ and end-users’ lives easier.’

Users enter a name and static password into their PCs in the usual manner to access services protected by Mideye. When approved, a single-use code is displayed on the end-user’s mobile phone, and by keying this into their PCs, user identification is confirmed, with the user gaining access to the protected service. Ulf Schubert, Mideye’s CEO explains: “For a long time now, high security has been associated with heavy costs, principally comprising services providers’ administration. Purchasing, distributing and maintaining the units currently used as authorisation tools is very costly, while such solutions have also be implied time-consuming additional difficulties for end-users.”

Stockholm, Sweden, 29 May 2001

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