President’s statement
Net moving in at a high level!
“The high level of net moving in that the company had during 2007, has continued during 2008. The positive net moving in of SEK 13 million is the result of long-term work, where our local presence and good customer relation play a crucial part.
One-off effects of over SEK 30 million, and positive changes in value of almost SEK 300 million, during the first quarter of last year have had no equivalent this year, which is the explanation for the difference in the result between the years.
We are still receiving a large number of enquiries, although we can discern some slackening off at a couple of our units. Rental levels are rising and we can also at the same time note that current rent levels are still low in relation to rental levels in newly-produced premises”, says Klövern’s CEO Gustaf Hermelin.
Nyköping, 24 April 2008
Klövern AB (publ)

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Gustaf Hermelin, CEO, tel +46 155-44 33 10, +46 70-560 00 00,
Caesar Åfors, CFO and vice-President, tel +46 155-44 33 02, +46 70-662 48 48,
Britt-Marie Einar, Finance and Information Manager, tel +46 155-44 33 12, +46 70-224 29 35,
Klövern is a real estate company committed to working closely with customers to meet their needs of premises and services in Swedish growth regions. Klövern has geographical units in ten cities/locations: Borås, Karlstad, Kista, Linköping, Norrköping, Nyköping, Täby, Uppsala, Västerås and Örebro. As at 31 March 2008, the value of the properties totals SEK 12.1 billion and the rental value on an annual basis is SEK 1,291 million. The Klövern share is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm for medium-sized companies.
Klövern AB (publ), Box 1024, SE-611 29 Nyköping, Sweden  Tel +46 155-44 33 00, Fax +46 155-44 33 22. 556482-5833 * Registered office: Nyköping * Website:

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