Decisions at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Klövern AB (publ)


The following decision has been made, among others, at Klövern’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, 21 April 2004:


A dividend of SEK 0.50 per share will be paid for 2003. Monday, 26 April 2004, is record date for the dividend. The cash dividend will be paid by VPC AB on Thursday, 29 April 2004.

The board of directors and the auditors

As board members Stefan Dahlbo, Gustaf Hermelin, Lars Holmgren, Anna-Greta Lundh, Erik Paulsson, Bo Pettersson and Johan Piehl have been re-elected. The board fee is SEK 700 000 to be distributed in accordance with the decision of the board. The auditors will be paid in accordance with the account submitted.

Authorisation on a new issue

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has authorised the board, until the next Annual General Meeting, on one or more occasions, with or without a deviation from the right of priority of the shareholders, to decide on a new issue of at most 20,000,000 shares, each share to be at a nominal value of SEK 5, for acquisition of companies or properties. The payment for the new shares can be made by payment in kind, a set-off or cash payment.

Profit sharing system for employees of the Klövern group

Decision in accordance with the board’s proposition to make allocations to a profit sharing institution for the employees with the intention to invest in Klövern shares.

Nominations-, remuneration- and audit committees

The board shall when needed appoint remunerations and audit committees. Concerning nominations of board members the AGM commissioned the board to contact Klövern’s five largest shareholders and one additional representative for the other shareholders at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year. They are given the assignment of appointing one representative each, who together with the Chairman have the task of making suggestions for a slate of directors to be presented at the Annual General Meeting for resolution. The names of the representatives and contact information shall be published in connection to the publishing of the interim report for the third quarter of the accounting year.

Statutory board meeting

At the statutory board meeting, Stefan Dahlbo was re-elected as chairman of the board.

Nyköping, 21 April 2004

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