Decisions at Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Klövern AB (publ)


At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in Klövern AB (publ) 20 April 2010 the following decisions have been made among others:



For 2009 a dividend of SEK 1.25 per share will be paid. Friday, 23 April 2010 is record date, i.e. the date conferring entitlement to dividend. The cash dividend is expected to be paid by Euroclear Sweden AB on Wednesday, 28 April 2010.


Board of Directors and auditor

Stefan Dahlbo (chairman), Rutger Arnhult, Gustaf Hermelin, Anna-Greta Lundh, Lars Rosvall and Fredrik Svensson were re-elected to the Board. Lars-Göran Pettersson was elected as new member of the Board. A fee of SEK 875,000 will be paid to the Board, of which SEK 250,000 to be paid to the Chairman of the Board and SEK 125,000 each to the other members, which is unchanged compared with previous. No fee is to be paid to the CEO of Klövern. The auditor will be paid in accordance with the account submitted.


Principles for remuneration and other conditions of employment for the executive management

Principles for remuneration and other conditions of employment for the executive management are to be drawn up in accordance with the Board’s proposition, which in brief means that the fixed salary is to be at a market level and competitive and take into account the areas of responsibility and experience of the individual. The fixed salary is to be subject to annual review. Variable salary should be linked to predetermined and measurable criteria, designed with a view to promoting the company’s long-term value. The variable salary that can at a maximum correspond to six months’ fixed salary per year. The pension premium shall amount to a maximum of 35 per cent of the fixed salary and the retirement age is 65. The Board may depart from the principles if there are special reasons for doing so in particular cases.


Nominations Committee

The nominations committee’s is appointed in accordance with the principles that applied for the AGM 2010. The principles are available on Klövern’s website,


Acquisition and transfer Klövern’s own shares

The Board has been authorised, at the longest until the next Annual General Meeting, to acquire and transfer Klövern’s own shares. This authorisation is intended to enable the company’s capital requirements and thereby contribute to increased shareholder value and to be able to transfer shares in connection with financing of any property or company acquisitions by payment with Klövern’s own shares. Acquisition may take place of at most the number of shares that from time to time correspond to 10 per cent of the total number of registered shares issued by the company. Any acquisitions and transfers of own shares shall, at each time, take place at a price per share within the registered share price interval.


Nyköping, 20 April 2010


Klövern AB (publ)


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Klövern is a real estate company committed to working closely with customers in Swedish growth regions to meet their needs of premises and services in Swedish growth regions. Klövern has business units in ten cities: Borås, Karlstad, Kista, Linköping, Norrköping, Nyköping, Täby, Uppsala, Västerås and Örebro. As at 31 March 2010, the value of the properties totalled approximately SEK 12 billion and the rental value on an annual basis was approximately SEK 1.4 billion. The Klövern share is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm for medium-sized companies.


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