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Adcore’s vice president, Johan Wieslander, will leave the company on 1 December in order to start a sweat equity company – a company that invests knowledge and time in growth companies against payment in shares. Mr Wieslander has worked within the Group for just over six years. He helped to build up Connecta which, together with Information Highway, formed Adcore in June this year. Within Adcore, Mr Wieslander has been responsible for the company’s expansion on the international market.

‘Johan Wieslander is among Adcore’s most respected managers and we are sad to see him leave the company. He has been an important person in our internationalisation process, the most recent acquisitions being companies in France and Switzerland and Cell Strategy,’ says Adcore’s CEO Göran Wågström.

‘Adcore is made up of entrepreneurs and builders. This is mostly an advantage, but it also means that valued colleagues sometimes like to create something of their own. I appreciate that Mr Wieslander now wants to go his own way. I wish him all the best and hope that we will find new ways of co-operating,’ says Göran Wågström.

‘My six-year journey with Connecta and Adcore has been a fantastic experience. I am proud of the company and what we have achieved,’ says Johan Wieslander. Adcore is the best-positioned consulting business in the industry, with successful customers, experienced personnel and very competent management. It was difficult to make the decision to leave Adcore, but I have long had a dream of starting a new company from scratch. The new operations do not compete with Adcore, instead I believe there are excellent opportunities for co-operation.’

During the last few weeks Adcore has strengthened and focused the company management. Dag Forsén will take over Johan Wieslander’s tasks within acquisitions and mergers. He has, up to now, worked together with Johan Wieslander and previously held the same position at Information Highway. As of 1 December, Johanna Albihn will be responsible for legal affairs. She is leaving a similar position at Icon Medialab.

As of 1 January, Adcore’s Group Management will be as follows:

· Göran Wågström, CEO and President

· Fredrik Palmgren, COO, Adcore Strategy: Fredrik Palmgren is responsible for the Group’s international strategy consulting with 300 experienced strategy consultants.

· Jan Maelum, COO, Business, Interactive & Technology: Jan Maelum is responsible for the Group’s implementation of digital business models, technology and interaction.

· Ola Salmén, CFO

· Dag Forsén, International Expansion

· Göran Westberg, Human Resources

· Ulf Kristersson, Corporate Communications

· Frans Benson, Investor Relations

· Petter Lundgren, Strategic Development

· Johanna Albin, Legal Affairs

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