Adcore’s directed issue


The directed issue Adcore’s Board decided to effect on 3 October 2001 has now been consummated and recorded at PRV, the Swedish Patent and Registration Office. As a consequence of this transaction, effected at the price of SEK 0.40 per share, Adcore’s shareholders’ equity increased by SEK 169.5 m . After the repayment and set-off of previous loans, the transaction raised SEK 93 m1 cash for Adcore. As previously announced, IT Provider, Skandia, the Third AP (National Pension Insurance) Fund, Länsförsäkringar and Tanglin Fond were the main subscribers for the issue, as well as a consortium represented by Christer Jacobsson and Anders Swensson. The number of Adcore shares has increased by 423,750,000 as a consequence of the new issue, to a total of 575,672,226; Adcore’s share capital amounts to SEK 57,567,222.60.

Stockholm, Sweden, 19 October 2001

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