Adcore—new Chairman, revised Board proposal


Lars Evander has been a Board member since Adcore’s incorporation on 6 June 2000; he had previously been a Board member of Connecta since 1998.

Subsequent to the publication of the invitation to attend the AGM including the proposed Board, Anders G. Carlberg has indicated that because of time constraints, he is no longer available for re-selection. Mr. Carlberg has been a member of Adcore’s Board since 2000 (and of Connecta’s since 1999).

The Nomination Committee also proposes that Ole Oftedal, presently Managing Director of i2i Ventures, and an earlier member of Connecta’s Board, is appointed as a regular member of Adcore’s Board. Mr. Oftedal is now a Board member of Corus Technology AB, Kungsleden AB, Salus Ansvar AB and CGEA Transport AB. He has previously been Managing Director of Thomson Travel Intl, Fritidsresor and Linjebuss.

Otherwise, the new proposed Board corresponds to previous information, with the proposed regular members being Lars Evander, Lars Irstad, Gunnar Brock, Ole Oftedal and Göran Wågström.

Stockholm, Sweden, 19 April 2001, Adcore AB (publ)

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