Adcore makes a deal with Nera of Norway


Nera ASA, quoted on NASDAQ and the Oslo Stock Exchange, has been an Adcore client since 1995. Nera is the world’s largest provider of satellite communications systems for freight vessels, aircraft and portable terminals. Such systems enable communication by voice, fax and data worldwide and are a critical tool for journalists, international aid organisations and embassies but also in more high-profile contexts such as the Whitbread Around the World Race (now the Volvo Ocean Race).

This deal is expected to generate total revenues of some SEK 10 m for Adcore Malmö AB, and implies Adcore running two sub-projects autonomously: a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) project and a traffic routing and control function sub-system in DVB-RCS (Digital Video Broadcasting-Return Channel Satellite) base stations.

Adcore will undertake system development, project management and support functions (tools support and development methodologies) for Satcom LES (base stations). Generally, the development life-cycle of such systems is two to five years, divided between six to twelve-month project phases, while staffing of over 50 is not uncommon. Over the years, Adcore has been active in the most of the roles that arise in such projects.

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