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Adcore Innovate’s Industry initiative—Pharmatech—has won its first assignment from this Swedish-based enterprise.

Aneo produces the first “all in one” system for total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA), a type of general anaesthesia without gases. In TIVA anaesthetic drugs are progressively injected into the blood, a method considered advantageous for patients and the working environment.

AneoNet will interconnect Aneo, its AneoAgents and end-customers through a global Web network offering information, support and order management. As Aneo’s CEO Pehr-Johan Fager describes it: “AneoNet will enable tracing and monitoring the status of every individual general anaesthetic system we sell.” AneoNet is expected to come into production at the end of the year.

Adcore has expanded and deepened its sector initiatives in the Adcore Innovate business area as an element of its efforts to meet increasing demands for sector-specific business development competencies. Hans Werner, who heads up Adcore Innovate, commented that “working on business development and creating digital competitiveness puts challenging demands on our sector-specific and business know-how. We’re noting a pronounced trend in this respect—with Telecom, Entertainment and Pharmatech quickly and successfully following in the tracks of our previous Industry, Finance and Wholesale & Retail initiatives.”

Anders Åkerström, manager of the Pharmatech business area added: “Pharmatech’s vision is to secure a position as the pre-eminent collaboration partner for digital solutions in this sector.”

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